尚佩瑩律師  Pei-Ying Shang

Email: py.shang@clc-law.com.tw


  • 經濟部中小企業榮譽律師
  • 桃園市政府法律諮詢顧問
  • 桃園律師公會公益與法治教育委員會副主任委員
  • 曾任英國特許仲裁學會仲會員
  • 曾任普華商務法律事務所資深律師
  • 元智大學管理學院兼任講師
  • 英國倫敦大學學院國際銀行及金融法碩士
  • 東吳大學法律學研究所碩士(刑事法組)
  • 東吳大學法律學系學士

Education and Experience

  • Honorary Counsel of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
  • Advisory Counsel of Taoyuan City Government, Taiwan
  • Vice-Chairman of Public Interest and Legal Education Committee, Taoyuan Bar Association

  • Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK (ACIArb)
  • Senior Lawyer of PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal
  • Adjunct Lecturer of Yuan Ze University
  • LL.M. (International Banking and Finance Law), University College London, UK
  • LL.M. (Criminal Law), Soochow University, Taiwan
  •  LL.B., Soochow University, Taiwan


  • 民事訴訟及商務爭端解決、商務契約撰擬、跨境商務法律諮詢、公司法令遵循
  • 刑事辯護、刑事告訴代理、陪同偵查程序

  • 協助歐洲上市集團之損害賠償請求案取得勝訴判決,標的金額逾新台幣1.7億
  • 協助香港上市集團在台成功請求履行併購契約,標的金額逾新台幣1.2仟萬
  • 協助公司負責人被控投資詐欺案無罪定讞
  • 協助金融機構之勞資爭議案勝訴定讞
  • 協助公司投資、合資、分割、解散及清算等相關程序,包括:台灣知名公司與日本上市公司在台合資案、境外公司組織重組、盧森堡上市公司之台灣子公司分割重組案
  • 公司營運相關合約撰擬及審閱,包括經銷、採購、人事等相關合約
  • 公司融資服務,曾協助包括:製藥公司B輪融資,金額逾新台幣17億元、新創公司融資,金額逾新台幣6億元。
  • 多次協助跨國併購案以及結合申報程序,包括台灣上市公司針對美國公司進行法律實地查核、台灣上市公司與歐洲知名音響公司資產收購案、知名生技公司股份轉換案
  • 協助企業完成回台上市

Specialized Area

  • Litigation and cross-border dispute resolution, capital market and corporate advisory.
  • Criminal defense; criminal complaint (corporate crime, commercial fraud, market abuse, general crime)

  • Represented a European listed group for claiming indemnification in excess of 170 million NTD.
  • Represented a Hong Kong listed company to request the execution of an M&A contract successfully.
  • Represented a former legal representative to defend the criminal accusation of investment fraud successfully.
  • Represented a financial institution to deal with wage disputes and process relevant negotiations successfully.
  • Consult on business set-up, investments, joint ventures, spin-off and liquidation, including acting as the legal counsel of an industrial communications company on the joint venture with a well-known cyber security company, the restructuring of offshore companies and the restructuring of a European listed life sciences company via spin-off.
  • Draft and review contracts relating to company operations, including distribution, purchasing and employment contracts.
  • Consulted on company financing, including: a pharmaceutical company with its series B financing totaling NTD 1.7 billion and a start-up company with its financing totaling NTD 0.6 billion.
  • Advised on domestic and international M&A cases, drafted legal instruments and assisted with anti-trust filings, including: a listed company’s legal due diligence on an US company, the acquisition of assets in the Europe from a high-end luxury electronics company by a listed company and the share swap of a listed bio-pharma company.
  • Assisted with primary listing of shares on TWSE by foreign corporations successfully.


  • 非法辦理匯兌業務加重處罰條件之適用──從臺灣高等法院108年度金上重訴字第41號判決談起,月旦會計實務研究,2022 2 
    1. 債務不履行與刑事詐欺──最高法院 109 年度台上字第 5289 號刑事判決解析,月旦會計實務研究,2021 2

    2. 揭穿公司面紗原則在訴訟上之運用──最高法院 108 年度台上字第 1738 號民事 判決解析,2020年12月

    3. 併購契約實地查核條款在訴訟上的影響──簡評臺灣臺北地方法院101年度重訴字第803號民事判決,月旦會計實務研究,20205
    4. 併購專案的重大消息明確時點──從臺灣高等法院108年度金上訴字第10號刑事判決談起,月旦會計實務研究,2019年12月
    5. Grayson and Barnham v. the United Kingdom –the Confiscation of Criminal Profits,收錄於歐洲人權法院裁判選譯(三),司法院出版
    6. 無罪推定與舉證責任轉換—以歐洲人權法院相關裁判為借鏡,東吳大學法律學系碩士論文



    • The Aggravating Clause of Illegal Remittance: An Analysis of Taiwan High Court Judgment No. 41 Jin Shang Chong Su (2019), Angle Accounting Magazine, February 2022
    • Default and Criminal Fraud: Analysis of Supreme Court Judgment No.5289 Tai Shang (2020), Angle Accounting Magazine, February 2021
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    • Grayson and Barnham v. the United Kingdom– the Confiscation of Criminal Profits in Selected Translations of Judgments of the European Court of Human Right, published by Taiwan Judicial Yuan.
    • The Presumption of Innocence and Reverse Onuses – Observed from judgments of European Court of Human Rights, LL.M. Thesis of Soochow University.



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    Taoyuan Office

    • Pei-Ying’s liaison office in Taoyuan will provide Taoyuan and Hsinchu based clients timely and efficient legal services.
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